Hardware and Software Requirements for Field-based Respirable Crystalline Silica Monitoring

For end-of-shift silica monitoring, you will need:


  • Sampling pump and respirable cyclone
  • Laptop computer
  • Portable FTIR spectrometer with transmission module (KBr optics), commercially available options include:
    - Agilent (model: Cary 630)
    - Bruker Corporation (model: Alpha)
    - PerkinElmer (model: SpectrumTwo)
    - Thermo Scientific (model: Nicolet iS5)
    - other comparable transmission FTIR instrument
  • Sample bracket and sample cradle (free designs for 3D printed version available from the NIH 3D Exchange webpage
  • "FAST-ready" sampling cassettes, such as:
    - coal mine dust sampling cassette, or
    - FTIR cassette from Zefon (part number: 7450PVC-CF-FTIR, available by contacting the company)


  • FTIR spectrometer software (from the manufacturer of your instrument)
  • FAST software, download from our website
  • Spreadsheet software (e.g., Excel or any other common spreadsheet software)

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