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Mining Publication: CFD Modeling of Methane Distribution at a Continuous Miner Face With Various Curtain Setback Distances

Original creation date: July 2015

Cover page for CFD modeling of methane distribution at a continuous miner face with various curtain setback distances

Knowledge of the airflow patterns and methane distributions at a continuous miner face under different ventilation conditions can minimize the risks of explosion and injury to miners by accurately forecasting potentially hazardous face methane levels. This study focused on validating a series of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) models using full-scale ventilation gallery data that assessed how curtain setback distance impacted airflow patterns and methane distributions at an empty mining face (no continuous miner present). Three CFD models of face ventilation with 4.6, 7.6 and 10.7 m (15, 25, and 35 ft) blowing curtain setback distances were constructed and validated with experimental data collected in a full-scale ventilation test facility. Good agreement was obtained between the CFD simulation results and this data. Detailed airflow and methane distribution information are provided. Elevated methane zones at the working faces were identified with the three curtain setback distances. Visualization of the setback distance impact on the face methane distribution was performed by utilizing the post-processing capability of the CFD software.

Authors: L Zhou, C Pritchard, Y Zheng

Peer Reviewed Journal Article - July 2015

NIOSHTIC2 Number: 20046428

Int J Min Sci Technol 2015 Jul; 25(4):635-640