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Mining Publication: Detonation Wave Propagation in Underground Mine Entries

Original creation date: January 2005

A series of explosive detonation experiments was conducted in NIOSH's Bruceton and Lake Lynn Experimental Mines to evaluate low-level (<6 psig) detonation wave propagation behavior in single- and multiple-entry configurations. Entry cross-sectional area varied from 5 to 140 square meters, and explosive weights of pentolite ranged from 0.24 to 2.4 kg. Behavior of the detonation wave was evaluated through recording of the pressure as a function of time and distance from the explosive detonation in single- and multiple-entry interconnecting tunnels. Peak pressure from detonation of an explosive in an underground mine maintains magnitude for a greater distance than is the case on the surface.

Authors: AC Smith, M Sapko

Peer Reviewed Journal Article - January 2005

NIOSHTIC2 Number: 20030571

Smith AC, Sapko MJ [2005]. Detonation wave propagation in underground mine entries.J Mine Vent Soc S Afr 2005 Jan/Mar; 20-25.