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Dump Truck Driver Entangled in Dump Box Power Take Off Driveline

Michigan Case Report: 13MI136
Release Date: September 2, 2015


In fall 2013, a male dump truck driver in his 30s died when his clothing became entangled on his Ford LTL 9000 dump box rotating power take off (PTO) shaft driveline. The decedent was subcontracted to drop off a load of gravel at the incident location and then meet the contractor at another location to pick up some concrete. The decedent arrived at the dump site with his gravel-loaded truck and attempted to raise the dump box. Apparently, the dump box would not lift up. After looking under the hood, with the truck running and PTO driveshaft rotating, the decedent went under the truck to try to ascertain the problem. A possible scenario was that he was attempting to determine if there were loose cable connections (used to raise and lower the dump box) at the “gear box” controlling the hydraulic valves. His clothing contacted the spinning drive shaft and wrapped around it, pulling his neck up against the driveline, choking him. The individual who subcontracted his services arrived the incident site and saw the truck. He walked over, called the decedent’s name, and tapped on the truck which had stalled. When the decedent did not answer, he looked under the truck. He immediately called 911. When emergency responders arrived, they cut the decedent’s clothing free and pulled him from under the truck. He was declared dead at the scene.

Dump Truck Driver Entangled in Dump Box Power Take Off Driveline – Michigan [PDF 485 KB]