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National Occupational Research Agenda Update, July 1997

July 1997
DHHS (NIOSH) Publication Number 97-138
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The 31 extramural and 42 intramural agricultural research projects sponsored or performed by NIOSH were listed, including information on the researchers, performing organization, purpose and a description of each project. Extramural projects highlighted include neurological effects of organophosphates, occupational exposure to aflatoxin, roll over protection systems (ROPS) for older tractors, organophosphate exposure in migrant children, and occupational injury in Hispanic farm worker families. Research under cooperative agreements included agricultural safety promotion system, respiratory hazards in composting, farm family survey for respiratory diseases, occupational safety and health clinics network, occupational disease evaluation and rehabilitation, the farm family health and hazard surveys, community partners for healthy farming, and take home pesticide exposure. NIOSH supported centers for agricultural disease and injury research, education, and prevention and NIOSH supported educational research centers and agricultural training programs were listed. Sentinel event notification systems of occupational risks programs are cited as well as research opportunities and requests for applications. Intramural research projects include occupational injury prevention in Alaska, development of automatic ROPS, anthropometry of construction and agriculture populations, traumatic injury surveillance, child injuries, the FACE Project, agricultural dusts, microbial toxins in occupational diseases, identification of occupational allergens, respiratory disease evaluation, occupational asthma, dose assessment, biological monitoring in agricultural workers, reproductive hazards, neurological effects of pesticides, migrant farm workers, and work related lung disease.