Musculoskeletal Disorders. NIOSH Research Projects


January 1997
DHHS (NIOSH) Publication Number 97-109
97-109 Cover

This document lists the 56 extramural and the 23 intramural research projects dealing with musculoskeletal disorders undertaken by NIOSH. These projects include research in the areas of disease/injury prevention, work environment, and research tools and approaches. Specific topics for research are low back pain, lifting postures, osteoarthritis, cumulative trauma disorder, repetitive stress injury, ergonomics, workstation design, video display terminals, carpal tunnel syndrome, strength testing, use of power tools, construction, equipment design, computer equipment, back belts, exposure monitoring, return-to-work program, health care workers, sentinel event notification, rehabilitation programs, agriculture safety and health programs, surveillance networks, and occupational safety and health programs.