Violence in the Workplace

July 1996
DHHS (NIOSH) Publication Number 96-100
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This report summarizes the discussions that occurred during the conference Partnering in Workplace Violence Prevention: Translating Research to Practice in Baltimore, Maryland, in November 2004. Many ideas are presented about what is missing from the national effort to study and prevent WPV. Some gaps could be addressed by increasing intervention evaluation research; improving reporting, data collection, and data sharing; facilitating and enabling organizations to foster the dynamic commitment and cooperation of employers and workers; analyzing costs and cost-benefits; and improving organization and delivery of risk and prevention information. Other gaps are more specific to the types of violence, the various roles and relations among partnering organizations, or the industries and occupations involved. Great strides have been made over the past two decades. Likewise, opportunities exist to address the barriers and gaps outlined in this report and to achieve a more coordinated, efficient, and cost-effective national effort to understand, control, and prevent violent incidents at work. These violent incidents damage or destroy the victims’ sense of security, dignity, and (too often) their well-being and their lives. They represent a large toll to our society. The key to the utility and impact of a report such as this is the extent to which people and organizations can visualize and initiate the efforts and partnerships needed to understand and reduce the risks of WPV within their spheres of influence. We encourage your interest, involvement, and collaboration in this effort.

NIOSHTIC No 20031035

Workplace Violence Prevention Strategies and Research Needs (link to pdf)