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Proceedings of the National Fishing Industry Safety and Health Workshop, Anchorage, Alaska, October 9-11, 1992

January 1994
DHHS (NIOSH) Publication Number 94-109
94-109 Cover

This proceedings presented the papers generated from a workshop on health and safety in the commercial fishing industry, with emphasis on the industry in Alaska. The specific topics covered at the Workshop included: the commercial fishing record in a national perspective; commercial fishing fatalities in various regions of the United States; nonfatal injuries experienced in the Alaska commercial fishing industry; Alaska trauma registry; surveillance for work related fatalities in the Alaskan commercial fishing industry; harbormaster record keeping; Alaska fatality rates by fishery in 1991 through 1992; changes in the distribution of the Alaska fisheries; fisheries management; safety implications of derby fisheries; OSHA and the Alaskan fishing industry; US Coast Guard requirements for fishing vessels; a fisher’s perspective on federal requirements for fishing vessels; safety from management’s perspective; capital construction fund program for safety improvements; vessel stability; survival equipment use, protective clothing in cold water survival; community based drowning intervention program; marine safety instructor training; shipboard drills and orientation for new deck hands; education; training; vessel safety program; marine weather forecasting; US Coast Guard voluntary dockside examinations; search and rescue; first aid and emergency medical services; and directions for the year 2000.