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NIOSH Research and Demonstration Grants, Annual Report, Fiscal Year 1992

May 1993
DHHS (NIOSH) Publication Number 93-118
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Projects being carried out under the grants program of NIOSH were described. Information for each grant included the name and address of the principle investigator, the program area, grant number, start and end dates, and funding level. A summary of the objectives, methodology and significant findings was provided. Specific areas of concern included occupational lung diseases with emphasis on the influence of particles, mortality among former chromium smelter workers, alveolar clearance, textile workers in China, hyperresponsiveness of airways in response to cotton dust, coal dust, lung overload, fungal spores and bacteria, and metal fume fever; musculoskeletal injuries related to lifting; cumulative trauma disorder; ergonomic risk factors; occupational cancers; traumatic injuries; cardiovascular diseases; disorders of reproduction; neurotoxic disorders; noise induced hearing loss; dermatologic conditions; psychological disorders; control techniques; and respirator research.