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NIOSH Research and Demonstration Grants. Fiscal Year 1987

May 1988
DHHS (NIOSH) Publication Number 88-115
88-115 Cover

This annual report provided a synopsis of NIOSH research and demonstration grants for fiscal year 1987. The projects were grouped according to the following major interest areas: occupational lung diseases, musculoskeletal injuries, occupational cancers, traumatic injuries, disorders of reproduction, neurotoxic disorders, noise induced hearing loss, dermatologic conditions, psychological disorders, engineering control systems, respirator research, and other occupational concerns. In each of these subgroupings the research projects were grouped according to the type of grant such as research project grant, career development grant, and small grant. The work of each grant was summarized and publications arising from this work were included in each report. Statistics were also provided concerning the number and amount of funds awarded by grant type, program area, and region or state. Indices were provided, arranged by grant number, to assist the reader in locating particular grants. Grants can also be found through the institution name or the name of the principal investigator.