Guidelines for Controlling Hazardous Energy During Maintenance and Servicing

September 1983
DHHS (NIOSH) Publication Number 83-125

These PDF files contain “bookmarks” that appear in a window to the left of the document image. Most of the files contain indented bookmarks. With the indented bookmarks, you can go to sections or subsections of the document contained in the open file. These bookmarks work whenever the file is open.

Other “file-to-file” bookmarks allow you to go to the other files that contain parts of the document.

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  • You may be using Acrobat as a “helper” application under your browser. For the file-to-file bookmarks to work properly, you must first open all the files.
  • You may prefer to download the files and view them locally with Acrobat. For the file-to-file bookmarks to work, the files must all be stored in the same folder or directory .
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