Survey of Environmental Parameter Sensors for a Personal Heat Stress Monitor

March 1976
DHHS (NIOSH) Publication Number 76-182
76-182 Cover

This report summarizes the results of a directed survey and review of environmental parameter sensors for use in a personal heat stress monitor unit. A discussion of sensing techniques is given with descriptive details on the sensor’s physical characteristics, theoretical basis of sensor operation, and suitability for use in a personal monitor unit. The parameters of interest in this survey are air velocity, dry bulb temperature, wet bulb temperature, natural wet bulb temperature and 1-inch globe temperature or mean radiant temperature. The sensors and measurement techniques found to be useable or adaptable through modification for use in a heat stress monitor are identified and a preliminary design is given which will permit the construction and testing of a complete system. With reference to the 6-inch globe temperature, two options are given with each requiring additional development effort for implementation. The objective of this survey did not include data recording methods or data processing. However, a short discussion is included discussing current techniques which are applicable to the system requirements.