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Spirometry Training Program

October 2018
DHHS (NIOSH) Publication Number 2019-110

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), Spirometry Training Program is responsible for approving course sponsors to train participants on how to perform spirometry, a type of lung function test.

NIOSH-approved spirometry training is required by Federal Law for individuals performing spirometry testing on workers exposed to cotton, coal, and silica dusts.

Spirometry Training Program [PDF – 554 KB]

What is a NIOSH-approved Spirometry Training Course Sponsor, Course Director, and a Faculty Member?

Course Sponsor

Organizations or individuals responsible for sponsoring a NIOSH-approved spirometry training course. Sponsors can be NIOSH Education and Research Centers (ERC), academic institutions, non-profit organizations, private companies, or individual professionals.

To become a sponsor, you must select a Course Director to oversee your course.

Sponsors submit curriculum vitaes for applicant Course Directors to the NIOSH Spirometry Training Program at for consideration and approval.

Course Director

Oversees the training course program, develops course curriculum, and is present at all courses. Course directors enlist Faculty Members.

Faculty Member

Works under direct supervision of the course director and provides practical course instruction. To become a faculty member, the course director submits a curriculum vitae for NIOSH review and approval.

General Program Information
  • All healthcare professionals who perform or interpret spirometry are eligible and encouraged to take a NIOSH-approved spirometry training course.
  • Course participants receive a strong foundation of the knowledge and practical skills to collect accurate and valid spirometry results.
  • NIOSH-approved spirometry training course sponsors offer initial 2 or 3-day courses, which you can view online. See the map on the back of this sheet for course locations.
  • Course sponsors issue initial and refresher course certificates that are valid for five years.
  • Schedules for online and one-day refresher courses are available for participants who need to be re-certified after five years.
  • Course sponsors determine registration fees depending on the type of course and the geographical location.

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