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NIOSH Skin Notation Profiles: Ethyl Acrylate

August 2014
DHHS (NIOSH) Publication Number 2014-144
Cover page for publication 2014-144

This Skin Notation Profile presents (1) a brief summary of epidemiological and toxicological data associated with skin contact with ethyl acrylate and (2) the rationale behind the hazard-specific skin notation (SK) assignment for ethyl acrylate. The SK assignment is based on the scientific rationale and logic outlined in the Current Intelligence Bulletin (CIB) 61: A Strategy for Assigning New NIOSH Skin Notations [NIOSH 2009]. The summarized information and health hazard assessment are limited to an evaluation of the potential health effects of dermal exposure to ethyl acrylate. A literature search was conducted through May 2014 to identify information on ethyl acrylate, including but not limited to data relating to its toxicokinetics, acute toxicity, repeated-dose systemic toxicity, carcinogenicity, biological system/function–specific effects (including reproductive and developmental effects and immunotoxicity), irritation, and sensitization. Information was considered from studies of humans, animals, or appropriate modeling systems that are relevant to assessing the effects of dermal exposure to ethyl acrylate.