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Bibliography of Communication and Research Products 2013

April 2014
DHHS (NIOSH) Publication Number 2014-119
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This research delves into diverse topics that include—among many others— nanotechnology, lung disorders, exposures to hazardous chemicals, traumatic injury, personal protective equipment, and job stress.

The Institute’s professionals translate the results of research into knowledge, interventions, solutions, and technologies that will help both employers and employees reduce workplace risks to safety and health. Businesses and industries rely on NIOSH findings to identify and lessen workplace hazards, which in turn reduces the human toll caused by workplace deaths, injuries, and illnesses. Safer and healthier workplaces also help protect the economic vitality of U.S. business and industry. Work-related deaths, injuries, and illnesses cost employers more than $250 billion in medical expenses and productivity losses alone in 2007.