Silicosis - Working with Cement Roofing Tiles: A Silica Hazard


DHHS (NIOSH) Publication Number 2006-110
Worker creating a large cloud of dust while cutting

Although respirable silica is a recognized health hazard in the construction industry, only recently has this exposure been documented in roofers. NIOSH has measured respirable silica levels up to four times the recommended exposure limit around roofers cutting cement products such as when roofing tiles are cut during the installation process. This cutting generates clouds of silica-containing dust. Respirable silica exposure may also occur when blowers or dry sweeping methods are used to clean the roof. This practice can produce large silica-containing dust clouds. NIOSH does not recommend this practice. Anyone who inhales dust generated by cutting cement tiles or cleaning the residue will be exposed to respirable silica, placing them at risk for developing silicosis.

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Page last reviewed: June 6, 2014