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A Compendium of NIOSH Construction Research 2002


February 2003
DHHS (NIOSH) Publication Number 2003-103
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Ensuring the safety and health of America’s construction workers continues to be a top priority for NIOSH. Our construction program began in 1990 as Congress began to appropriate funds for the expansion of surveillance, research, and intervention activities for construction safety and health. Since then, NIOSH has developed a national infrastructure to address issues affecting workers in this industry. The program includes intramural research performed by NIOSH staff across a broad range of construction topics, as well as targeted surveillance activities involving a number of state health departments. It also includes extramural projects conducted by academic and related researchers through grants and cooperative agreements, as well as the involvement of two consortia. The first, organized by the Center to Protect Workers Rights in 1990, involves the participation of over 16 universities and organizations. The second, the Construction Safety Alliance, is a consortium of four universities that received initial funding in 2001. Overall, NIOSH supports construction research in 22 states.

A Compendium of NIOSH Construction Research 2002 [PDF – 6 MB]