Division of Field Studies and Engineering (DFSE)

The Division of Field Studies and Engineering (DFSE) is part of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).

DFSE seeks to prevent work-related illness through a multidisciplinary program including worksite evaluations, surveillance, research, and the development of engineering controls and interventions. DFSE has four main research areas:

  1. Using occupational health surveillance and informatics methods to study trends in worker exposures, illnesses, and injuries. This includes
    • Developing worker illness, injury, and hazard-tracking systems and informatics tools.
    • Promoting and supporting industry and occupation information collection in surveys and records.
  2. Characterizing and reducing workplace health hazards for workplaces, agencies, and other stakeholders. This includes
  3. Conducting health and exposure field research in working populations. This includes
    • Determining the incidence and prevalence of disease in workers and their children.
    • Determining the nature and extent of acute and chronic responses to potentially hazardous agents at work.
  4. Conducting research to characterize and control worker exposures to hazards. This includes
    • Developing and evaluating engineering controls to reduce workplace exposures to hazards.
    • Preventing and reducing the occurrence of occupational hearing loss and musculoskeletal disorders.

DFSE staff also often participate in disaster and emergency response activities.

Page last reviewed: May 23, 2019