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The Director’s Intramural Awards for Extraordinary Science (DIA) recognize outstanding contributions by intramural scientists and support staff to science excellence at NIOSH. They serve as a tribute to NIOSH employees whose dedication has resulted in significant contributions to the NIOSH mission.

Winners of the NIOSH Director’s Intramural Awards for Extraordinary Science (DIA) receive a monetary award that augments the discretionary budget for the recipient for the following fiscal year. Winners will also receive recognition at the annual ceremony celebrating the Alice Hamilton Awards for Excellence in Occupational Safety and Health.

While the CDC-wide Charles C. Shepard Science Awards and the NIOSH Alice Hamilton and Bullard-Sherwood Research-to-Practice Awards recognize the scientific contributions of a single research project or activity, the Director’s Intramural Awards for Extraordinary Science (DIA) honors individuals for their scientific contributions through a collective body of work. And while the James P. Keogh Award recognizes a collective body of service-oriented work, the collective body of work recognized in the DIAs represent extraordinary individual performance that goes above and beyond basic job requirements.

Page last reviewed: April 26, 2013