Important Analytic Considerations when Using the NHANES-CMS Linked Data


This module provides information about important analytic considerations when using the NHANES-CMS linked data and key concepts about defining a study population.


Task 1: Considerations when Analyzing CMS Data

The advantages of CMS data are that they are population-based, not subject to recall bias, and can be linked to NCHS population health surveys to expand the analytic potential of both data sources. However, because CMS data are collected for the purpose of making healthcare payments, and not for research, there are some issues you should consider when analyzing the NHANES-CMS linked data.

Task 2: Assessment of a Study Population

One possible use of the NHANES-CMS linked data is to identify a study population with particular characteristics in NHANES and then to examine their health care utilization using CMS data.

The purpose of this task is to demonstrate how you might use the NHANES-CMS linked data feasibility files to determine if there are sufficient numbers in your study population for an analysis using the restricted-use NHANES-CMS linked data. In addition, this task will provide suggestions for further refinements to the study population that might be necessary when conducting the analysis.