Knowledge and Skill Requirements

Modules 1-4

These modules require:

  • basic familiarity with an Internet browser and computer; and
  • no knowledge of statistical software or programming or previous experience with NHANES or CMS datasets and files.


Modules 5-11

These modules assume:

  • basic knowledge of NHANES survey datasets and files, as well as CMS data files;
  • basic knowledge and skills in statistical analyses (e.g., ability to run frequently used descriptive and reference statistics, and correctly interpret the results);
  • basic knowledge and skills in SAS and SUDAAN statistical software;
  • basic statistical understanding of survey sampling;
  • basic knowledge of descriptive and inferential statistics, and epidemiologic concepts;
  • basic statistical understanding of distributions, data transformations and adjustments; and
  • basic skill in preparing an analytic dataset with NHANES survey data, as well as CMS data files.
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