• ASPE
    Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation
  • CDC
    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • CHIP
    Children’s Health Insurance Program
  • CMS
    Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services
  • DIB
    Disability Insurance Benefits
  • DME
    Durable Medical Equipment
  • DRG
    Diagnosis Related Group
  • ESRD
    End Stage Renal Disease
  • FFS
    Fee For Service
  • GHP
    Group Health Plan
    Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System
  • HHA
    Home Health Agency
  • HIC
    Health Insurance Claim
  • HMO
    Health Maintenance Organization
  • ICD
    International Classification of Diseases
  • ICF
    Intermediate Care Facility
  • ICF/MR
    Intermediate Care Facility for the Mentally Retarded
  • IP
  • LIS
    Low Income Subsidy
  • LT
    Long Term Care
  • MA
    Medicare Advantage (also known as Medicare Part C)
  • MAC
    Medicare Administrative Contractor
  • MAX
    Medicaid Analytic eXtract
  • MEC
    Mobile Examination Center
  • MedPAR
    Medicare Provider Analysis and Review
  • MMA
    Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act
  • MSIS
    Medicaid Statistical Information System
  • NCH
    National Claims History
  • NCHS
    National Center for Health Statistics
  • NDC
    National Drug Codes
  • NDI
    National Death Index
  • NF
    Nursing Facility
    National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey
  • NPI
    National Provider Identifier
  • OT
    Other Services
  • PDE
    Prescription Drug Event
  • PDP
    Prescription Drug Plan
  • PII
    Personally Identifiable Information
  • PIN
    Provider Identification Number
  • PPS
    Prospective Payment System
  • PS
    Person Summary
  • RDC
    Research Data Center
  • ResDAC
    Research Data Assistance Center
  • RIC
    Record Identification Code
  • RX
    Prescription Drug
  • SAF
    Standard Analytic File
    State Children’s Health Insurance Program
  • SEQN
    Sequence Number
  • SMEC
    Summary Medicare Enrollment & Claims
  • SNF
    Skilled Nursing Facility
  • SSA
    Social Security Administation
  • SSN
    Social Security Number
  • UPIN
    Unique Physician Identification Number