Upcoming Releases of Note

(updated every Monday)

April 19 – May 16, 2021



  • Weekly Update of Provisional Death Counts of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)
    Web Tables (April 21, 2021)
    KEY TOPICS: COVID-19 Deaths, Co-Morbidities, Place of Death, Demographics
  • Race and Hispanic Origin Disparities in Underlying Medical Conditions Associated With Severe COVID-19 Illness: U.S. adults, 2015–2018
    National Health Statistics Report (April 28, 2021)
    KEY TOPICS:  Chronic Illness, COVID-19 Risk Factors, Minority Health
  • Comparing Blood Pressure Values Obtained by Two Different Protocols: National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 2017–2018
    Vital and Health Statistics Series Report (April 30, 2021)
    KEY TOPICS: Hypertension, Blood Pressure, Methodological Studies, Health Care Quality
  • Characteristics of Office-based Physician Visits, 2018
    Data Brief (May 4, 2021)
    KEY TOPICS: Health Care Utilization, Doctor Visits
  • Bi-Weekly Update: Symptoms of Anxiety or Depressive Disorder and Use of Mental Health Care Among Adults During the COVID-19 Pandemic — United States, 2021
    Web Tables (May 5, 2021)
    KEY TOPICS: COVID-19, Pandemic, Mental Health, Health Care Utilization
  • Changes in Births to New York City Residents Occurring Outside New York City by Race and Hispanic Origin of the Mother: 2018-2019 and 2019-2020
    Vital Statistics Rapid Release Report (May 5, 2021)
    KEY TOPICS: Births, Fertility, Minority Health
  • Births: Provisional Data for 2020
    Vital Statistics Rapid Release Report (May 5, 2021)
    KEY TOPICS: Births, Teen Births, Cesarean Deliveries, Low Birthweight, Preterm Births, Fertility
  • Quarterly Provisional Estimates for Infant Mortality: 2018 – Q2 2020Web Data Visualization (May 11, 2021)
    KEY TOPICS: Children’s Health, Infant Mortality, Risk Factors, Births
  • Total Fertility Rates by Maternal Educational Attainment: United States, 2019
    National Vital Statistics Report (May 12, 2021)
    KEY TOPICS: Births, Fertility, Sociodemographics


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