Upcoming Releases of Note

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October 18 – November 14, 2021



    • Mental Health Treatment Among Adults: United States, 2020
      Data Brief (October 20, 2021)
      KEY TOPICS: Mental Health, Health Care Utilization, Pandemic
    • Perceived Social and Emotional Support Among Adults: United States, July-December 2020
      Data Brief (October 20, 2021)
      KEY TOPICS: Mental Health, Pandemic
    • Fetal Mortality: United States, 2019
      National Vital Statistics Report (October 26, 2021)
      KEY TOPICS: Deaths, Mortality, Fetal Mortality, Reproductive Health, Risk Factors
    • Rural-urban Differences in Unintentional Injury Death Rates Among Children Aged 0-17: United States, 2018-2019
      Data Brief (October 27, 2021)
      KEY TOPICS: Rural-Urban Health, Children’s Health, Risk Factors, Health Behaviors, Mortality, Unintentional Injuries, Accidents
    • Provisional Numbers and Rates of Suicide by Month and Demographic Characteristics: United States: 2020
      Vital Statistics Rapid Release Report (November 3, 2021)
      KEY TOPICS: Deaths, Mortality, Suicide, Risk Factors, Mental Health
    • Mortality Profile of the Non-Hispanic American Indian or Alaska Native Population, 2019
      National Vital Statistics Release Report (November 9, 2021)
      KEY TOPICS: Deaths, Mortality, Risk Factors, Minority Health, AIAN Health, Methodological Studies
    • Sepsis-Related Mortality Among Adults Aged 65 and Over: United States, 2019
      Data Brief (November 10, 2021)
      KEY TOPICS: Septicemia, Sepsis, Deaths, Mortality, Elderly Health


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