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October 14 – November 10, 2019



  • Death Rates Due to Suicide and Homicide Among Persons Aged 10-24: United States, 2000-2017
    Data Brief (October 17, 2019)
    KEY TOPICS: Suicide, Homicide, Injuries, Deaths, Mortality, Health Behaviors, Risk Factors
  • Regional Differences in the Drugs Most Frequently Involved in Drug Overdose Deaths: United States, 2017
    National Vital Statistics Report (October 25, 2019)
    KEY TOPICS:  Opioids, Drug Overdoses, Deaths, Risk Factors, Health Behaviors, Mortality
  • Health, United States, 2018: HHS Secretary’s Special Report on the Health of the Nation
    (October 30, 2019)
    KEY TOPICS: Births, Reproductive Health, Children’s Health, Chronic Disease, Elderly Health, Deaths, Mortality, Life Expectancy, Health Behaviors, Risk Factors, Health Care Utilization, Doctor Visits, Hospital Visits, Personnel, Health Insurance Coverage, Obesity, Overweight, Physical Activity, Diet, Nutrition



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