11/22/19 –New Reports Released on Vision Testing Among Children Aged 3-5 and Provisional Data on Births/Infant Mortality

11/15/19 – NCHS Releases New Study on Emergency Department Visits Related to Sports Injuries for Young Americans 

10/30/19 – NCHS Releases Health, United States, 2018 – the 42nd Annual Report

10/25/19 – New NCHS Report on Regional Differences Among Drugs Most Frequently Mentioned in Drug Overdose Deaths

10/18/19 – NCHS Releases Monthly Estimates on Drug Overdose Deaths and Suicide/Homicide Trends for 10-24 year olds

10/11/19 – Three New NCHS Reports Released This Week

10/04/19 – NCHS Report on Twin Births

09/27/19 – New Report Comparing Maternal Characteristics in Appalachia, the Delta region, and the Rest of the United States

09/20/19 – NCHS Report on Asthma-related Visits to Doctors Offices

09/11/19 – NCHS Releases New Monthly Provisional Estimates on Drug Overdose Deaths

09/06/19 – New NCHS Report examined Mortality Examined Patterns Between the 5 States with the Highest and Lowest Death Rates

08/22/19 – NCHS Report Looks at Strategies Used by U.S. Adults with Diagnosed Diabetes to Reduce Prescription Drug Cost

08/16/19 –New Reports Look At Prescription Drug Use in the U.S. & Canada, Secondhand Smoke Exposure

08/09/19 – 50 Years of NCHS Firearm Mortality Data: 1968-2017

08/02/19 – NCHS Releases New Reports on Infant Mortality and Urban/Rural Drug Overdose Death Rates

07/24/19 – NCHS Releases Reports on Mortality by Race and Ethnicity and 2018 Birth Data

07/17/19 – NCHS Releases Provisional Drug Overdose Death Data and Several New Reports

07/09/19 – New NCHS Report Released on Total Grains Intake 

07/01/19 – Summer Vital Statistics

06/24/19 – NCHS Releases 2017 “Leading Causes of Death” Report

06/20/19 – NCHS Health E-Stat Looks at Suicide Rates for Females and Males by Race and Ethnicity in the United States for 1999 and 2017

06/11/19 –Estimated 2018 Death Rates for Several Leading Causes Of Death Released

06/06/19 – Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month and Rip Current Awareness Week

05/31/19 – New NCHS Reports Look at Dental Care Among U.S. Adults Aged 65 and Older, NHIS Full-Year Data, and Opioids Prescribed Or Given At Emergency Departments

05/23/19 – New Reports Look at Cancer/Heart Disease Mortality Trends, Strategies For Reducing Prescription Drug Costs and Dental Insurance Coverage

05/15/19 – NCHS Releases 2018 Provisional Birth Report

05/09/19 – New Reports on Prescription Drug Use and Health Insurance

05/02/19 – New Long-Term Care Report and Arthritis Awareness Month

04/22/19 – Data Quality Evaluation of the Dental Fluorosis Clinical Assessment Data From the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey

04/18/19 – Monthly Estimates on Drug Overdose Deaths in the United States

04/12/19 – National Youth Violence Prevention Week and National Autism Awareness Month

04/03/19 – April is Alcohol Awareness Month

03/29/19 – National Health Observances in March

03/21/19 – New Data on Strategies Used to Reduce Prescription Drug Costs and Drug Overdose Deaths Involving Fentanyl

03/14/19 – New Data on NHIS Key Health Indicators and Dementia Mortality in the United States

03/04/19 – March is National Kidney and Nutrition Month

02/28/19 – New Data on Long-Term Care and Health Insurance in the United States 

02/21/19 – Educational Attainment of Mothers Aged 25 and Over: United States, 2017


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