Latest Guide to Health Statistics for Over 40 Nations is Now Available

For Release: July 14, 2003

Contact: NCHS/CDC Public Affairs, (301) 458-4800

International Health Data Reference Guide, 2001. 170 pp. (PHS) 2003-1007. pdf icon[PDF – 2.6 MB]

The 10th edition of the International Health Data Reference Guide provides information on the availability of the most recent health data for approximately 40 countries throughout the world and provides information on how to obtain the information in each country. The report, prepared by CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics, contains details on the types of vital statistics data, hospital statistics, health personnel data, and national population-based surveys available from each of the countries surveyed. The guide includes a profile of each national population-based health survey.

Most of the industrialized countries in the world, including nations of North and South America, Western and Eastern Europe, Asia, and the Pacific are included in the reference guide.

The purpose of this report is to assist researchers and other data users locate international health information that is not readily available in published form. To respond to that need, the report describes the types of information available in each country and contains the names of agencies, contact persons, and contact information (addresses, fax numbers, and email addresses) for each nation. Requests for data should be directed to the national agencies listed. The information in this report was obtained from the government and or official agencies of each nation.

The reference guide is available on the CDC/NCHS Web site. Copies are also available on request at (301) 458-4636.


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