Injury Indicators

Summary of Discussions from the April 2-3, 2001 Meeting

The aim of the ICE Injury Indicator Group (ICEIInG) is to identify robust measures (indicators) of injury occurrence that can be compared across person, place, and time. Over a period of around 7 months, and through email correspondence, ICEIInG developed the draft report with its two appendices for discussion at the Washington ICE meeting on 2nd and 3rd April 2001. A synopsis of this report was presented during the first morning of the meeting, and was subsequently discussed during two workshop sessions during the first day of the meeting. The outcome of those discussions was presented to the full meeting on day two for further discussion. There was general agreement within the meeting for the direction the Injury Indicator Group was taking, specifically for the aim, objectives, scope, and for almost all of the criteria for identifying an optimal indicator. Further work this year will provide a more solid justification for the criteria and will illustrate the application of the criteria to commonly used indicator or indicators. The initial goal is to present these findings at the 6th World Conference on Injury Prevention and Control to be held in Montreal in May 2002.

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