Board of Scientific Counselors – Presentations

May 12-13, 2014

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Power Point Slides

  • Charles J. Rothwell
    NCHS Update to the Board of Scientific Counselors [PDF – 390 KB]
  • Cynthia Ogden, Ph.D., M.R.P.
    Obesity Trends in the U.S. [PDF – 935 KB]
  • Donald Steinwachs, Ph.D.
    Office of Analysis and Epidemiology Review Panel [PDF – 81 KB]
  • Lauren Harris-Kojetin, Ph.D.
    National Study of Long-Term Care Providers (NSLTCP) [PDF – 766 KB]
  • Paul D. Sutton, Ph.D.
    Using Mortality Data for Public Health Surveillance [PDF – 721 KB]
  • Chesley Richards, M.D, M.P.H., F.A.C.P.
    CDC Priorities, OPHSS, and the Surveillance Strategy [PDF – 1,715 KB]
  • Susan L. Lukacs, D.O., M.S.P.H.
    National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, DNA Bank Program [PDF – 236 KB]