The NCHS Mission


To be a world-class innovator and provider of health data and statistics


NCHS collects, analyzes, and disseminates timely, relevant, and accurate health data and statistics. Our products and services inform the public and guide program and policy decisions to improve our nation’s health.

Core Values
  • ACCURACY – We ensure that our data and statistics are reliable sources of information
  • INTEGRITY – We uphold a high standard of transparency, accountability, and neutrality in our work
  • OBJECTIVITY – We provide objective data and health statistics through credible methods
  • QUALITY – We deliver products and services that are of the highest standards
  • TRUST – We promote collaboration among our partners and secure data sharing through data security, privacy, and confidentiality
NCHS Strategic Plan (FY 2022-2025)
NCHS Strategic Plan 2022 thru 2025

I came to the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) in 2020, when COVID-19 was first emerging in the United States. Soon after, the virus had spread to every corner of the globe. With the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at the lead, public health sprung to action and has worked at
a feverish pace ever since. NCHS has been an integral part of this effort from the beginning.

At NCHS, our ability to mobilize and adapt resources quickly to support COVID-19 was based on a strong history of scientific excellence. NCHS has expanded knowledge, catalyzed positive change, and advanced science to improve public health and wellness since 1960.

To now be at the helm of this important work is deeply humbling, especially during these challenging times, when new partnerships, discovery, and data are so desperately needed.

NCHS is meeting these demands by collecting, studying, and sharing COVID-19 data; pursuing better and faster ways to collect health information; and
leveraging our team’s unique skills and experiences to move science and health in new, more equitable directions.

Our strategic plan—which was developed collaboratively with NCHS staff, CDC colleagues, and other partners—will drive these and other Center-wide efforts
by creating a roadmap for NCHS to best achieve its mission and goals. It also outlines our core values of accuracy, integrity, objectivity, quality, and trust.
Read on to learn more about NCHS’ vision for the future and how our strategic plan will get us there.

Brian C. Moyer, Ph.D.
Director, National Center for Health Statistics
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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