NCEH/ATSDR Strategic Framework

NCEH/ATSDR’s strategic framework takes a broad, functional approach that highlights our vision, mission, core strategies, tenets, and guiding principles for fiscal years 2020-2024. Click ATSDR & NCEH Strategic Framework – 2020-2024 [PDF – 4 MB] for the full framework.

Our strategic framework speaks to our core strengths as a leader in the field of environmental health. We are all working to protect and improve people’s health by reducing or eliminating environmental hazards — harnessing our collective strength through strong partnerships and collaborations with states, localities, Tribes, territories, and the many other organizations that share NCEH and ATSDR’s vision.

This framework highlights ATSDR and NCEH’s core strategies and capacities that each of our divisions and offices are undertaking to address hazardous exposures and health disparities, and improve health outcomes.

NCEH/ATSDR Strategic Priorities 2022-2023
Collage of images representing NCEH/ATSDR strategic priorities

In addition to core strategies and capacities, we have also identified the following key priority areas where we will work to make meaningful impact in the coming year.

  1. Protect children from the health risks of harmful exposures and conditions
  2. Identify and address disproportionate adverse human health or environmental effects in communities that have experienced current or historical social or economic marginalization
  3. Empower communities and the country to prepare for and address the health effects of a rapidly changing climate
  4. Strengthen capacity of state/local environmental health (EH) services to detect, prevent, and control EH hazards
  5. Modernize diverse data systems to optimize environmental health surveillance
  6. Expand ATSDR’s capacity to investigate harmful exposures
Page last reviewed: August 16, 2022