Working on your lawn this summer? Take care to protect your hearing!

working on your lawnmower?

At CDC’s National Center for Environmental Health (NCEH), we are committed to educating all people about noise-induced hearing loss in order to help prevent it. Hearing loss from loud noise is permanent — and most people don’t notice their hearing is damaged until it’s too late.

You can make a difference! We’ve put together a fact sheet to help you spread the word. By sharing these simple messages on social media and beyond, you can help prevent noise-induced hearing loss during this summer and every month!

Share the facts

Use these talking points to communicate with people about noise-related hearing loss:

Lawn mowers

80 to 100 dB

working on your lawnmower?

This level of noise can make you lose some of your hearing, so be sure to wear hearing protection. Store a pair of earmuffs near the mower, so it’s easy to remember to put them on!

Share steps that everyone can take to prevent noise-induced hearing loss:

  • Try to avoid loud noises when possible
  • Use hearing protection (like earplugs or hearing protection earmuffs) when you must be near loud noises
  • Talk to your health care professional if you are worried about your hearing

Learn more about noise-induced hearing loss at

Take Care and Be Well,

NCEH Noise Induced Hearing Loss Team

Page last reviewed: June 15, 2020