Infographic on Cooking Chicken Liver

Chicken Liver Infographic

Chefs, Cooks, and Caterers: Cook Chicken Liver Like It’s Chicken (It Is):

Cook Chicken Liver to 165°F

Always Cook Chicken Liver All the Way through

  • Use a food thermometer (you can’t tell by looking).
  • Cook the inside of the liver to 165°F, just like you would for other chicken parts.

Bacteria Inside + Partial Cooking = Recipe for Illness

  • You might be used to leaving the middle rare when cooking chicken liver for pâté and similar dishes.
  • But Campylobacter is a type of bacteria that can live inside chicken liver. If the middle isn’t cooked to 165°F, bacteria can survive and cause illness.
    • Most often: cramps, diarrhea (sometimes bloody), fever
    • Less often: life-threatening illness, or even death (older people, pregnant women, and very young children are at higher risk)

Proper Cooking Can Prevent Illnesses

  • U.S. outbreaks from eating undercooked chicken liver are on the rise. Most are associated with restaurants.
  • In one outbreak, the restaurant went out of business after customers ate undercooked chicken liver and got sick.
  • Chefs, cooks, and caterers are key to helping prevent these outbreaks.

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