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High Obesity Program (2014 – 2018)

CDC funded 11 land grant universities to work with community extension services to increase access to healthier foods and safe and accessible places for physical activity in counties that have more than 40% of adults with obesity.

Infographic: Programs to Reduce Obesity in High Obesity Areas [PDF-4.56MB]

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List of High Obesity awardees by state, includes grantee profiles, fiscal year 2017 funding amounts, principal investigator names, and email addresses.
State Awardee Grantee Profiles FY2017 Funding Amount Principal Investigator Email Address
Alabama Auburn University [PDF-683KB] $1,329,767 Barb Struempler
Arkansas University of Arkansas, Fayetteville [PDF-753KB] $880,928 Lisa Washburn
Georgia University of Georgia [PDF-2.48MB] $615,543 Marsha Davis
Indiana Purdue University [PDF-2.55MB] $573,672 Timothy Gavin
Kentucky University of Kentucky [PDF-628KB] $786,256 Ann Vail
Louisiana Louisiana State University [PDF-749KB] $1,013,567 Denise Holston
North Carolina North Carolina State University [PDF-2.69MB]  $773,677 Anne Hardison-Moody
South Dakota South Dakota State University [PDF-897KB] $1,072,400 Suzanne Stluka
Tennessee University of Tennessee [PDF-655KB] $1,048,000 Laura Stephenson
Texas Texas A&M University [PDF-1.1MB] $1,005,477 Carol Rice
West Virginia West Virginia University [PDF-689KB] $506,830 Cindy Fitch

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