Using the Watch Me! Training Course

How to Use This Course

Note: This training functions best when used with newer versions of most internet browsers. If the training does not seem to be working correctly, first make sure you are using the most up-to-date version of your internet browser (most browser upgrades can be accessed for free online).

This training requires the use of cookies to track training progress. Please enable cookies before continuing and do not clear your browser cache until you have completed the training to avoid losing your progress. If you continue to have technical difficulties or need additional assistance using the training, please let us know at

Click to view an accessible PDF of this training. [6 MB, 61 Pages, 508]

View a step-by-step demonstration:
  • Get started: Click on a module on the “Watch Me!” homepage or in the left navigation bar to start it. Loading can take a few seconds or a minute or two, depending on your computer. You will know the module is loading and how far along it is when a percentage (%) appears on your screen.
  • Navigate the course:
    • Scroll down to move through each module:
      • If you are using a mouse, there should be a small wheel between the click buttons. Rolling this wheel will allow you to scroll.
      • If you are using a laptop computer, there are many ways to scroll. Click here for options.
      • On desktop and laptop computers, you can use your mouse to operate the scroll bar on the right side of your screen.
      • To scroll on a tablet computer or smartphone, move your finger up or down the screen.
    • Move between modules:
      • You will see all 4 modules listed at the very top of each module in the black bar. Click on the module you would like to view.
      • If you are in the middle of a module, you can click the module number in the header at the top to display links to the rest of the modules.
      • Once you’ve completed a module (after scrolling through to the bottom of the page) you will see a button to “Start Quiz” or “Skip to Next Module”; you’ll automatically be directed to the next module after you’ve completed the quiz.
  • Play audio and videos: There are audio and video files throughout the course. Click the play iconPlay icon

    when you see YouTube and audio files. Be sure your speakers are on and volume turned up.

  • Share: You can share information using Facebook, Pinterest, and email. Look for the icons:Share icons
  • Quizzes:
    • Quizzes at the end of each module must be completed to obtain continuing education (CE) credit. The Progress Bar at the top of each module indicates quizzes successfully completed.
    • The final evaluation is also required for CE credit. Learn more about getting credit here.
  • Apply what you’ve learned: Near the end of Modules 2, 3 and 4 you will find a section called “Apply What You’ve Learned.” These scenarios can help you think about a situation you might face at work and can also be used as discussion points at team meetings or for group discussion with colleagues. There are no right or wrong answers; they are simply another way to help you think about and apply what you have learned.