Provider Education and Training on Bleeding Disorders in Women

Don’t Miss the Signs

As part of the Better You Know campaign, the National Hemophilia Foundation developed two brochures—one for obstetricians/gynecologists and one for general providers—to increase their knowledge and awareness of bleeding disorders in women. These brochures provide information on methods used to assess bleeding symptoms, determine risk for a bleeding disorder and, for patients at risk, how to coordinate care with a hematologist for diagnostic testing.

This brochure is for obstetricians and gynecologists.

Download and print brochure:
English [PDF – 219 KB, 2 pages, Print only]
Spanish [PDF – 1.6 MB, 2 pages, Print only]

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This brochure is for primary care physicians, pediatricians, dentists, and ear, nose, and throat specialists, who are often the first to see signs of a bleeding disorder in their patients.

Download and print brochure:
English [PDF – 215 KB, 2 Pages, Print Only]
Spanish [PDF – 1.6 MB, 2 Pages, Print Only]

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