NBS Community

What to know

Modernizing NBS is a top priority of CDC's Data Modernization Initiative goals. CDC's North Star Architecture framework, which is a core component of CDC's approach for making public health data work better, is also guiding this effort. CDC leadership is committing the resources needed to modernize NBS. This investment is a strategic opportunity to strengthen the surveillance infrastructure throughout public health. Our commitment includes collaborating with jurisdictions and other partners to address challenges and risks during this complex undertaking.

What is the NBS Community?

The NEDSS Base System (NBS) community was developed more than a decade ago and currently has about 100 members. CDC facilitated the growth of the community to provide jurisdictions with a platform to collaborate on common issues, to discuss priorities for the future of NBS, and to provide status updates from the CDC NBS team on project activities.

What are the membership requirements?

As a community, members:

  • share best practices, tools, and lessons learned across jurisdictions;
  • share innovative local approaches to disease surveillance and reporting;
  • participate in the change control process and planning for each NBS software release;
  • work collaboratively with CDC to define high-level vision and priorities;
  • provide input to create community-defined requirements for system development;
  • participate in a weekly subject matter expert call to discuss development and best practices;
  • participate in beta testing for releases;
  • attend a bi-weekly NBS User Group (NUG) call to discuss the system as well as reach out to colleagues to brainstormcreative solutions to common problems in public health surveillance; and
  • access NBS Central, an online collaboration and support forum.

NBS Community Activities

NBS User Group (NUG)

NUG calls provide a forum for participants to discuss the latest NBS software development, current topics, and best practices. The user group also provides a platform for jurisdictions to collaborate, discuss common issues, and share lessons learned.

  • Meets every 2 weeks
  • Includes local/state/territorial users and CDC programs
  • Attend NBS User Group (NUG) meeting:

NBS Subject Matter Expert (SME) Calls

The NBS SME calls allow participants to discuss detailed NBS software release requirements and collaborate on NBS software development and best practices.

  • Meets every week
  • Includes local/state/territorial users and CDC programs
  • Attend SME Meetings
  • Contact nbs@cdc.gov for further information

NBS Change Control Board (CCB)

The NBS CCB makes decisions about the prioritized enhancements and defects to be addressed in NBS software releases.

  • Meets monthly or when a high-priority item arises
  • Consists of three state representatives and CDC NBS leads