About Previous MAHC Editions

What to know

The Model Aquatic Health Code (MAHC) is updated every few years. This page includes all of the previous editions of the MAHC Code and Annex.

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Previous Editions of the MAHC

2018 MAHC (3rd Edition)

Mini-MAHCs from the 2018 edition

Specific public health issues addressed in the MAHC are often spread across multiple chapters. Mini-MAHCs aggregate the code and annex language into more concise documents. This helps users quickly find relevant MAHC guidelines and rationale to solve specific public health issues and improve patron and staff health and safety. All Mini-MAHCs reference content from the 2018 MAHC (3rd Edition). Visit About Mini-MAHCs for more information.

2016 MAHC (2nd Edition)

2014 MAHC (1st Edition)

During the two public comment periods, CDC received 4,407 comments. Of comments that the MAHC could accept or reject (3,825), the MAHC agreed with and incorporated 72% of the suggestions.