CDC Health Disparities & Inequalities Report (CHDIR) 2011


CDC Releases First Periodic Health Disparities & Inequalities Report – United States, 2011

Persistent health disparities in our country are unacceptable and correctable. The problem must be addressed with dual strategies – both universal interventions available to everyone and targeted interventions for populations with special needs.

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The CDC Health Disparities & Inequalities Report – United States, 2011, is the first in a series of periodic, consolidated assessments that highlight health disparities by sex, race, and ethnicity, income, education, disability status and other social characteristics in the U.S.

The report provides analysis and reporting of the recent trends and ongoing variations in health disparities and inequalities in selected social and health indicators, both of which are important steps in encouraging actions and facilitating accountability to reduce modifiable disparities by using interventions that are effective and scalable.

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Disparities Examined

The report addresses disparities in health-care access, exposure to environmental hazards, mortality, morbidity, behavioral risk factors, disability status, and social determinants of health at the national level.

Report Supports National Disparities Elimination Efforts

The information provided in the report is of vital importance in achieving the goals of Healthy People 2020 and the upcoming release of the National Partnership for Action (NPA) to End Health Disparities. CDC’s report also complements the annual National Healthcare Disparities Report and the periodic reports related to Healthy People 2020.

Dual Strategy Necessary to Reduce Disparities

The data presented throughout the report provide a compelling argument for action. Some articles identify promising programs and interventions that have been demonstrated to be effective in reducing the burden of disease or risk factors for a specific health problem. The report recommends addressing health disparities with dual intervention strategies related to health and social programs, and more broadly, access to economic, educational, employment, and housing opportunities.

A dual strategy includes national and locally determined interventions universally available to everyone as well as targeted interventions available to populations with specific needs. CDC and its partners can use the findings in this periodic report to raise awareness and understanding of which groups are most vulnerable. The findings also can help motivate increased efforts to intervene at the state, tribal, and local levels to best address health disparities and inequalities.

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January 13, 2011

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January 13, 2011

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January 13, 2011

CDC Health Disparities & Inequalities Report - United States, 2011
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CDC Feature on the CHDIR 2011 
On January 13, 2011, CDC released and featured the CDC Health Disparities & Inequalities Report