CureTB Program

At a glance

The goal of the CureTB program is to prevent the spread of tuberculosis (TB) among people who travel between the United States and other countries. CureTB collaborates with health authorities in the United States and around the world.

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About CureTB

To reduce the spread of TB and the emergence of drug-resistant TB, CureTB connects people with TB to healthcare services as they move between the United States and other countries.

Health departments, healthcare providers, and others can refer patients to CureTB for assistance with accessing ongoing TB care abroad. CureTB can also help health officials and providers locate TB treatment health records for their patients in different countries.


Over 80% of the patients with TB referred to other countries by CureTB in 2020 and 2021 completed treatment.

CDC Division of Global Migration Health's Southern Border Health and Migration Branch and the County of San Diego's Tuberculosis Control Program work together to manage the CureTB program.

CureTB Services

TB Treatment Referral

  • CureTB refers patients with active (confirmed or probable) TB to the public health system in their destination country.
  • CureTB sends relevant clinical information and continues follow up with the receiving country for results of treatment.

Clinical History Request

  • CureTB can request information about a patient's TB treatment history from national TB programs outside of the United States.

Contact Notification

  • CureTB notifies public health authorities in other countries about patients diagnosed with TB in the United States who have contacts in their respective countries.
  • CureTB refers contacts to public health authorities in other countries if contacts relocate to another country after being identified in the United States, especially if they are under 5 years old or are immunocompromised.

How Patients are Linked to TB Care Abroad

The treatment referral process for active TB includes a total of five steps.
CureTB’s referral services and processes vary by country.

Step 1: A healthcare professional refers a patient with confirmed or probable TB to CureTB before the patient leaves the United States.

Step 2: CureTB interviews the patient to confirm their contact information.

Step 3: CureTB refers the patient to the receiving health authority.

Step 4: CureTB follows-up with the patient and the receiving authority.

Step 5: CureTB shares the final treatment results with the referring agency.

CureTB Referral Forms and Submission Information

How to Submit a CureTB Referral

  1. To refer a patient to CureTB, download the appropriate form for your request:
    1. Transnational Notification
    2. Contact/Source Investigation Notification
  2. Complete the form and attach reports for sputum smears, molecular tests, cultures, drug susceptibility, and pertinent radiology/pathology examinations whenever possible.
  3. Send the referral form and attachments to CureTB by encrypted email. If you MUST send by fax, contact CureTB by phone first.
  4. If you do not receive a confirmation email from CureTB in 1 business day, please call.

Note: CureTB does not usually offer treatment referrals if a patient requires fewer than 30 days to complete treatment after leaving the United States. Cultures and drug susceptibility tests are not routinely performed in all countries and may not be available.

Tips for Referring Health Departments and Providers

Refer early. Let a CureTB referral manager speak to your patient before they leave the United States. This will help us establish rapport, clarify CureTB's role, and get accurate locating information abroad.

Provide complete information. Attach laboratory, clinical, and treatment information to your referral. This will help us provide the receiving provider with complete information about the patient. Provide updates if important clinical information is pending at the time of referral (e.g., drug susceptibility testing results).

Identify reliable contacts. Ask your patient to provide contact information (e.g., phone, address, e-mail) for at least two people who will always know where they can be found. We will also review this information with your patient(s).

CureTB Contact Information

Email: (All states, except California) (California-only Referrals)

Phone: (619) 542-4013