2018 Annual Summary

In promoting campaigns and other health-related content, small graphical images called buttons and badges are used on social network profiles and Web sites. Each of the buttons and badges used by CDC’s social media campaigns are linked and can be clicked on to arrive on a CDC page with additional data and content. A “clickthrough” is when a button or badge has been clicked on and the user arrives on a CDC page for more information.

Campaigns are tracked in groups, usually by center, program, or campaign name.

Top 10 Campaign Groups

Top Campaign Groups 2018

Rank Campaign Group Clickthroughs
1 Travelers’ Health  9,861,345
2 MMWR 6,187,415
3 OSH TIPS Campaign 1,110, 808
4 NCIRD Childhood Vaccines  544, 756
5 NCIRD HPV Prevention  401,337
6 Inside Knowledge  194,159
7 CDC Buttons and Badges  193,788
8 OSH TIPS Videos 190,302
9 MMWR Email 174,923
10 Viajo Sin Zika 139,119
Page last reviewed: June 8, 2018