Lupus Funding Opportunities

All CDC grant and cooperative agreement opportunities are posted on A Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) includes a description of the project and the entities that are eligible to apply. All CDC lupus NOFOs are closed.

Completed Funding Opportunities:

View of file folders focusing on those labeled grants, funding and projects.

Lupus Longitudinal Studies in Population-Based Cohorts

Epidemiology of Lupus: Longitudinal Studies in Population-Based Cohorts, also known as the CDC-RFA-DP19-003, is a closed NOFO for a 3-year cooperative agreement.

This two-component cooperative agreement supports research on lupus. Component A consists of 3-year follow-up longitudinal studies of lupus in population-based cohorts of adults with lupus. Component B consists of a pediatric lupus registry with longitudinal follow-up.

Building Lupus Awareness, Knowledge, Skills, and Partnerships

Developing and Disseminating Strategies to Build Sustainable Lupus Awareness, Knowledge, Skills, and Partnerships, also known as CDC-RFA-DP20-2008, is a closed NOFO for a 5-year cooperative agreement. This cooperative agreement supports national organizations implementing national efforts to help increase the number of healthcare providers recognizing the signs and symptoms of lupus and what to do if lupus is suspected. The agreement also focuses on increasing the number of people with lupus referred to and engaged in self-management tools/services and showing improvements in self-management behaviors.