Injury Center Research Priorities

For more than 25 years, CDC’s Injury Center has studied injuries and violence and researched the best ways to prevent them. We conduct and sponsor research to prevent unintentional and violence-related injuries and minimize the consequences of injuries when they occur. Research is fundamental to our success because good data are essential in making sound, smart investments. We translate science into real-world solutions and address underlying inequities that contribute to injury and violence by focusing on populations that are most at risk.

Research Priority Topics

Our research priorities guide the Center in identifying solutions to emerging injury and violence issues, encouraging innovative research, and focusing CDC’s public health expertise. They are living documents. Priorities and guiding questions are updated on a rolling basis to meet the changing needs of the injury and violence prevention community.

Addressing Urgent Threats
Drug Overdose – Updated
Suicide Prevention – Updated
Preventing Injury
Drowning Prevention - Updated
Older Adult Falls – Updated
Transportation Safety – Updated
Traumatic Brain Injury – Updated