Professional Resources

Know More Hepatitis Campaign for Health Care Providers

CDC recommends you test all your adult and pregnant patients for hepatitis C. Visit the Know More Hepatitis Campaign site for resources.

Continuing Medical Education

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Earn free continuing education credits from Medscape about screening, treatment, and management for hepatitis C.

Tools & Resources

Algorithm for testing and follow-up of HCV-exposed health care personnel
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This guidance updated July 24, 2020 provides updated CDC recommendations for laboratory testing and follow-up of health care personnel (HCP) who have been potentially exposed to hepatitis C virus (HCV) through an exposure to blood or body fluid.  Printable version [PDF – 177 KB]

The ABCs of Hepatitis Fact Sheet
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This page summarizes hepatitis A, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C with an overview of statistics, transmission, risk factors, clinical features, screening, testing and vaccination recommendations.

Interpretation of Results of Tests for Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Infection and Further Actions
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This page outlines interpretation of initial test results to determine whether or not a patient needs additional testing and clinical evaluation.

APHL fact sheet on the interpretation of hepatitis C virus test results

Descriptive narrative on the markers of HCV infection, interpretation of results, and best practices for repeat HCV testing.  Printable version [PDF – 4 pages]

Recommended Testing Sequence for Identifying Current Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Infection
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This one page flow chart outlines the serologic testing process beginning with anti HCV testing.  Printable version [PDF – 1 page]

Viral Hepatitis Serology Training
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This training includes an animated video with voiceover that covers the serologic tests for acute and chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection, the serological diagnosis of HCV, the meanings of serologic markers, and interpret serologic test results.  Training access

Hepatitis C Online
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Learn the latest guidance for screening diagnosing, monitoring, and managing hepatitis C virus infection. This comprehensive online training is solely funded through CDC Cooperative Agreement (CDC-RFA- PS16-1608) and developed by the University of Washington (UW) National Hepatitis Training Center. Free CME credits and C contact hours available.  Hepatitis C Online.

Hepatitis C Medicaid Affinity Group
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The Affinity Group provides support to states to develop and implement their own initiatives, provide information and technical assistance, and explore strategies related to HCV in specific settings, such as correctional and behavioral health. Learn more.


Major Guidelines

CDC Recommendations for Hepatitis C Testing Among Perinatally Exposed Infants and Children — United States, 2023

CDC Recommendations for Hepatitis C Screening Among Adults — United States, 2020

Testing and Clinical Management of Health Care Personnel Potentially Exposed to Hepatitis C Virus — CDC Guidance, United States, 2020
MMWR 2020; 69(RR-6):1–8