Increasing Condom Use with a Condom Availability Program

New York City Public Schools

New York City (NYC) Public Schools, with funding from CDC, reversed declines in condom use among sexually active high school students.

From 2015 to 2017, NYC Public Schools increased condom use among students by 13% in 21 select high schools.

This increase is in contrast to the decline in condom use among high school students in the majority of NYC public schools and nationally. The NYC public school system has a longstanding Condom Availability Program (CAP) policy; nonetheless, condom use among students was declining. In response, the NYC Department of Education began to actively promote CAP, as well as conduct outreach to schools, provide training and technical assistance to school staff, and develop and implement a referral system to youth-friendly health services.

Condom Image

The NYC Condom Availability Program reached nearly 13,000 high school students and demonstrated that strategies and tools are available that can improve condom use among sexually active youth and protect them from HIV and other STDs.