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Thank you for your interest in an internship with CDC’s Office of Health Equity (OHE). OHE advances health equity and women’s health issues across the nation through CDC’s science and programs. OHE is comprised of three units including Women’s Health, Diversity and Inclusion Management, and Minority Health and Health Equity.

Please use the form below to let us know your interests so we can best match you with any internship opportunities we may have available. The number of interns we take varies by the office’s current needs. All internships are through the Student Worksite Experience Program (SWEP), a volunteer program offering unpaid, educational work opportunities to students in high school, college, graduate, and post-graduate schools.

More information about SWEP and additional opportunities for students and college graduates are available on CDC’s web site, Pathways for Students and Graduates. This form is ONLY for students meeting SWEP criteria and interested in OHE internships.

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