OHE Celebrates 35 Years of Baking In Health Equity

celebrating 35 years of baking health equity into public health

In 2023, CDC’s Office of Health Equity (OHE) celebrates 35 years of “baking” health equity into our public health work. “Baking” health equity into our work means that health equity principles are foundational ingredients in our work, rather than separate ingredients we layer in, sprinkle on top, or serve on the side. When health equity is “baked in” to public health, the programs, science, and policies we develop are fundamentally different from the status quo and get to the root causes of preventable health disparities. As part of this celebration, OHE is planning a series of activities to celebrate how we bake health equity into our work to support advancing public health.

Selected Health Equity Activities

Health Equity in Action: Health Equity in Action uses best practices to spotlight projects that align with CDC’s CORE (Cultivate, Optimize, Reinforce, Enhance) commitment and shares the lived experiences of communities advancing health equity.

CORE Health Equity Strategy: Through the CORE strategy, CDC is integrating health equity into the fabric of our work at all levels and designed to work in collaboration and lock step with multi-sectoral partners to transform our work at its very core and strengthen.

Conversations in Equity: A collection of blogs dedicated to increasing the awareness of health inequities. We share stories on how partnerships help address health disparities to ultimately achieve our vision of ensuring all people have an opportunity to live as healthy as possible.

Take a Look Back at the Past 35 Years of Baking In Health Equity at CDC

old photo of CDC Office of Minority Health staff

In 1988, CDC’s Office of Minority Health was established under the direction of Dr. Rueben Warren. Learn more about some of the achievements and milestones that have played a role in the CDC’s efforts to reduce health disparities and create healthy lives for everyone.