PowerPoint Presentations of the Clinical 2000 CDC Growth Charts

PowerPoint Files

  1. Standard Power Point presentation [ZIP – 7.5 MB]
  2. Power Point presentation for 35 mm slides [ZIP – 2.8 MB]

Customizing the appearance of the slides

The appearance of slides in either set can be modified with customized text or logos, which can then be printed as hard copies. Only the area in the margins outside of the grid can be changed; the area within the grid cannot be modified. An example would be to add a clinic name or agency logo in the margin of the clinical growth chart page. These images can then be printed and reproduced in quantity either by color photocopying or reproduction by a commercial printing facility.

Directions for making changes to the clinical growth charts in Power Point:

Open the Power Point file and select the chart to be modified. If more space is required to accommodate the desired changes, left click on the image. Locate one of the four-corner sizing handles and again left click the pointer on the handle and drag until the desired reduced size is achieved. Re-center the image in the view window. Left click on view, zoom, 100% to enlarge work area.

To cover existing text or logo in the margin of the page:

  • Left click the “rectangle” icon in the Power Point drawing tool bar located at the bottom of the screen.
  • Place the cursor over one corner of the area to be covered and left click and drag until the rectangle image is sized to fit.
  • At the bottom toolbar, select the “fill color” icon, and choose “white”, then select the “line color” icon and choose “no line”. This will mask the underlying text or logo.

To add new text or logo:

  • Select the “rectangle” icon once again and size to fit where new text or imported logo is to be placed. Add text or logo. Adjust size of font and color of font, background, and line as desired.
  • Apply any additional enhancements as desired.
  • Select “file”, “save as”, assign a name to the modified file and save it to a local drive.
  • The customized clinical growth chart can now be printed and reproduced.