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Attribution of Foodborne Illness, 1998-2008 - Images

Contribution of Different Food Commodities (Categories) to Estimated Domestically-Acquired Illnesses and Deaths, 1998-2008

Chart: Contributions of different food categories to estimated domestically illnesses and deaths, 1998-2008*. Produce Illnesses - 46% Deaths - 23% ; Meat and Poultry Illnesses - 22% Deaths - 29%;Dairy and Eggs Illnesses - 20% Deaths - 15%; Fish and Shelfish Illnesses - 6.1% Deaths - 6.4%

Foodborne Disease Outbreaks by Type of Food Implicated,1998-2008

Chart: Foodborne Disease Outbreaks by Type of Food Implicated,1998-2008. Complex Food, 49%. Simple Foods, 51%.