Group of young adults standing by wall

Let STYRVE help you reduce youth violence in your community. This new online space offers customized tools, guided and practical learning, and the opportunity to learn from real world experiences of others working to prevent youth violence.

STRYVE — It is more than a title, it’s a purpose — an online space where you and your team members can plan, carry out, track, and evaluate your efforts to prevent youth violence. This online tool supports your youth violence prevention team as it:

  • builds a team
  • establishes a purpose
  • outlines goals
  • focuses efforts
  • determines prevention strategies
  • develops and implements a plan to prevent youth violence
  • measures progress
Introducing STRYVE: An online space to help customize your plan to prevent youth violence. Click to stop by today!

This engaging tool offers an online space with everything practitioners and their team members need to create, edit, and save a customized youth violence prevention plan. Features include:

  • Customized Tools: functionality and content to support your community’s circumstances, needs, and decisions.
  • Guided & Practical Learning: continuous help—from early planning to evaluation—provided every step of the way.
  • Use the Strategy Selector Tool: quickly identify strategies for your community based on the best available evidence.
  • Opportunities to Learn from Real World Experiences: listen to stories and experiences of real people working to prevent youth violence.