Preventing Falls: A Guide to Implementing Effective Community-Based Fall Prevention Programs

This “how-to” guide is designed for community-based organizations who are interested in implementing their own evidence-based fall prevention programs. This guide is designed to be a practical and useful tool, and it provides guidelines on program planning, development, implementation, and evaluation.

In this document, CDC provides organizations with the building blocks of effective fall prevention programs by providing examples, resources, and tips. It also describes the resources needed to implement and sustain fall prevention programs.

This guide addresses questions that are important when implementing fall prevention programs such as:

  • How do we find a fall prevention program that best meets the needs of our clients?
  • How can we know that this program works and will achieve the desired results?
  • What resources will be needed to support it?
  • What partners should we consider to help us offer the program?
  • How can we support and sustain the program into the future?

This revision of the 2008 publication, Preventing Falls: How to Develop Community-based Fall Prevention Programs for Older Adults, will improve your organization’s ability to reach out to the older members of your community as well as enhance your capacity to implement and maintain effective fall prevention programs.

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