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Local Ending the HIV Epidemic in the U.S. Plans

This is a map of the United States showing jurisdictions at the county, territory, and state levels that receive funding from the federal Ending the HIV Epidemic in the U.S. (EHE) initiative.

Community-driven solutions are the heart and soul of the Ending the HIV Epidemic in the U.S. (EHE) initiative. All EHE strategies are guided by carefully crafted local plans designed to address the specific needs of each EHE jurisdiction and are flexible enough to adjust to changing circumstances.

Each EHE plan combines local epidemiology and social determinants data with community input to ensure that the right strategies are used where they can have the greatest impact. CDC also provides guidance on how to modify plans to address new and evolving environmental challenges, such as COVID-19. Examples of innovative solutions included in local plans include expanding HIV self-testing, increasing the number and type of providers who are able to prescribe PrEP, and taking a comprehensive whole person approach to HIV care.

The table below includes funding recipients for CDC’s PS19-1906: Strategic Partnerships and Planning to Support Ending the HIV Epidemic in the United States – Component B: Accelerating State and Local HIV Planning. Each listed recipient links to their current EHE plan and/or EHE planning documents. Some plans may cover multiple EHE jurisdictions, depending on the funding recipient.

Gathering Community Input

To develop locally tailored EHE plans, CDC supported EHE jurisdictions in conducting:

  • Over 10,500 individual community member surveys
  • Over 280 in-depth interviews
  • Over 150 focus groups
  • Over 140 community input and listening sessions
  • Over 20 town halls

Click here for a report summarizing the initial set of local EHE plans submitted in December 2020.

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